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We are experienced International wholesale exporters of durians worldwide with our biggest market in China.

We are keen to pursue other wholesale export opportunities in other countries. Please contact us on

Tel: +6018-3915 656 / +6016-2088 340




Durian Export from Topfruits Sdn Bhd (Durianseller.com)

- your wholesale Malaysian Durian Exporters

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Why do business with us?

1. We have hundreds of acres of Durian Plantation, producing high quality Durian cultivars, including the famous Mao San Wong variety with mature trees and top quality durians.

2. Years of experience and investment in wholesale overseas Durian export.

3. Significant investment into our durian plantation providing netting to prevent fruit loss and ensuring high quality Export Standard Durians as well as investment into our clean and high quality packaging warehouse.

4. Relationships with airlines / freight for Durian export - a significant hurdle during export. Trusted relationships with our Durian importers overseas worldwide.

5. Always keen to pursue new opportunities and open to suggestions and ideas - contact our professional, honest, and reliable team.

Durian Plantation - ready for export

Welcome to our large Durian Plantation in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

durian export farm 1durian export farm 2

Durian netting - High quality netting to ensure the highest quality fruit for export

Durian export net 2


durian export nettingdurian export net

Durian export net 3

Other ways we protect our precious durians

Durian export string

Durians from our plantation:

durian export fleshDurian export 1durian export thorns