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We are experienced wholesale exporters of durians to South East Asian countries, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

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We are keen to pursue other wholesale export opportunities in other countries. Please contact us on

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Purchase Durians online for FREE delivery to the Klang Valley in Malaysia. We deliver large orders to different parts of Peninsula Malaysia and Singapore as well.

We are currently constructing our ONLINE SHOP for Durians - but please feel free to browse and contact us HERE.

We specialise in WHOLESALE DURIAN EXPORT overseas, currently to SouthEast Asia and Hong Kong. We are always keen to expand markets for the export of Malaysian Durians and will work with our Clients if there is sufficient scope for expansion and demand.

Prices vary depending on seasonal trends but Durianseller.com will endeavour to get you the most competitive price and service in the market!

We also sell Durian Jam, Durian Tarts, and Durian mooncakes, all made with our very own Durians.

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Services we offer:

Durian export

We are experienced wholesale exporters of durians to South East Asian countries, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Minimum order of 250kg. We will aim to pursue a marketing strategy.


Durian delivery

We deliver fresh Durians direct to your doorstep from our Durian Orchard in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia. Delivery is FREE for orders over RM300! (Currently delivery only to the Klang Valley, Malaysia)

We will:

  • Deliver to your door
  • Open the durians (unless you wish to do so yourselves)
  • Provide a disposal bag and dispose of the waste
  • Guarantee the quality of the durians eaten or refund your money!
  • (All the same as you would expect as if eating outside, but in the comfort of your own home! - Haven't Durian Sellers come far these days!)

    *Prices of Durians are subject to change at short notice as Durians are a seasonal fruit, but Durianseller.com will try their hardest to get you the BEST price for Durians online!

    Call: (Malaysia +60 )018-391 5656

    Private Orchard Visits

    We have many visitors to our Orchard in Batu Pahat, Johor who can have a tour of the orchard and Durian tasting after.

    AND you have the chance to purchase the freshest Durians at wholesale prices!

    Special Events

    We have experience in catering for durian parties / feasts for corporate and private clients, and can do so within 24h of your order. Please contact us to discuss your requirements by clicking on the button above.

    Companies that have had Durian Feasts and Durian Parties with us have typically ordered 400kg of Durians for about 150 people, but we may be able to cater accordingly. Prices vary with Durian variety and season.

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    Durians available to purchase: