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We are experienced wholesale exporters of durians to South East Asian countries, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

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We are keen to pursue other wholesale export opportunities in other countries.

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Special Events

We have experience in organising durian parties / feasts for businesses and private clients, and can do so within 24h of your order during season. Please call us above for details and minimum order.

About us

Durianseller.com is part of a family run business established in 1985 located in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia. Johor is the state where most of Malaysian durians are produced. We believe we have durians of the highest quality and have many loyal repeat private, retail, and corporate customers. We are registered as Top Fruits Sdn Bhd.

Being established for over 25 years, our trees are mature and so able to produce top quality durians.

We have for many years been open to the public by arrangement, for guided tours of the estate and fresh durians at wholesale prices. We often deal with customers from Singapore who travel all the way up to us for our quality Durians. So far, our reputation has spread by word of mouth and our business continues to grow and thrive.

These days we ship such large quantities of Durians that we are in need of more distributors, retail, and private clients.

We are licenced Exporters of Durians to countries such as Hong Kong and the rest of South East Asia. We aim to increase the number of countries we export durians to in bulk. Different countries have different laws and trade agreements and so this may take time to set up, but if orders are large enough and show enough promise, we will work with our clients to make this a real possibility. We use state of the art packaging and work with airlines and freight to ensure problem and odour free delivery of Durians worldwide.

We are also exporters of Durian Jam, Durian tarts, Durian Mooncakes, all made from our own recipes with fresh Durian pulp.

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Durianseller.com - a name you can trust:

We aim to provide the market with a Durian selling company that you can trust and we believe in ethical practice. We are managed by highly qualified overseas university graduates who believe in creating a trustworthy industry leader. Please contact us here if you would like to consider joining our team or click on our vacancies tab above.



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